Home Travel Migrating To Australia From Singapore – Know More About Migrating To Australia

Migrating To Australia From Singapore – Know More About Migrating To Australia

Migrating To Australia From Singapore – Know More About Migrating To Australia

Australia has always been a favorite place to visit for Singapore people. Many Singaporeans visit Australia each year to study, work or live. Australia offers a variety of visa subcategories to applicants who meet specific eligibility requirements. Many immigration systems for the PR visa have been established by the Australian government to streamline the immigration process, filter immigrants, and verify that only suitable applicants are granted visas. If you want to know about migrating to australia from singapore this guide is for you. Migrating from Singapore to Australia is difficult, perplexing, and complicated with dangers. Keep reading this guide to know more about this migration.

migrating to australia from singapore

Migrating To Australia From Singapore – Different Visa Pathways For Migration?


Whether you’ve been thinking about moving to Australia from Singapore for a long time or are just getting started, there are a few visa pathways to think about.

  • Skilled Migration: The most popular option is to apply for a skilled visa based on your occupation. This is a points-based system where you submit your information for review before being placed in a pool of applicants for evaluation by state and federal governments.
  • Business Visa: A widespread misunderstanding is that you can ‘sponsor’ yourself a visa by starting or buying a business in Australia. Before you apply for a business visa, you must first be a business owner. This visa allows you to stay in Australia with your family while you run your business.
  • Investor Visa: Investing in Australia is a popular option if you have the funds. As a requirement of your visa, you will usually have to invest in government bonds or funds for a set amount of time. This visa permits you and your family to live and invest in Australia.

Migrating To Australia From Singapore – Moving To Australia For Work

If you are thinking about migrating to australia from singapore and starting working there, you must first see if your profession is on the Skilled Occupation List. This lists occupations that have a talent shortage or are in high demand in Australia.  Australia needs competent migrants who can contribute to the country’s economic growth. Skilled migrants have a higher educational level and a better chance of obtaining a job. Executive migrants are more likely to achieve their objectives. If a close relative is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may apply to migrate to Australia under the family stream.

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