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What Can A Private Investigator Help You?

What Can A Private Investigator Help You?

Hiring a private investigator or detective can help ease your mind and help you in situations where you would not know where to begin. Private investigators used to catch a cheating partner, trace people, help in criminal; investigations, and gather evidence of fraud. In case you need the help of a private investigator, expand your knowledge on where you can find these professional individuals. Still looking for a reliable private detective in Singapore? Click here.

What is the use of a private investigator?

The primary job of a private investigator is to collect information for a client. It depends on the case, it may involve a selection of investigative activities. Generally, these activities may include the following:

  • Interviewing people
  • Performing background checks
  • Tracking down other information (legal, financial, and personal)

It is essential to note that certain jurisdictions within states may have local requirements that a private investigator must follow. Additionally, all states need private investigators in meeting all business requirements and may necessarily need a business license to operate.

Why and who can hire a private investigator?

Companies, individuals, and organizations hire private investigators for a wide range of reasons. People may hire a private investigator because of these reasons:

  • Find a missing person
  • Investigate facts for a court case
  • Conduct surveillance for various reasons

Companies, organizations, and law firms utilized private investigators for the following:

  • Solve fraud cases
  • Investigate workplace incidents
  • Establish evidence for court cases
  • Conduct work on various other issues

Particularly, the insurance industry usually hires private investigators for investigating insurance fraud.

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Are private investigators able to make arrests?

A private investigator is not a police officer, who has no authority to make an arrest. Yes, even a private investigator is a witness of a crime, still they have no authority to make an arrest. The information gathered by the private investigator can be used by the police officer to lead to an arrest.

Are private investigators considered a spy?

Private investigators are not allowed by the law to interfere with anyone’s privacy, such as snapping pictures within somebody’s home and stalking people in a private place. Each person has the right to privacy, on their property, in their homes, on others’ private property.

Private investigators who interfere with the privacy of a person can be arrested or will face legal trouble. A private investigator can take photos and make surveillance of a person only in public. Still looking for a reliable private detective in Singapore? Click here.