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What are the advantages of automatic trading


Faster and more reliable than any man

Even when the operations become more repetitive, the automatic trading system is faster than the most diligent operator. However, this speed of calculation and management is not reflected in greater productivity, which is no small thing, but also in the response to the most profitable trades even in the most susceptible markets such as forex https://www.abouttrading.es-/

With a fast system, the risk of compromising a position by opening it late is non-existent. However, this speed should not lead to think of a lack of reliability, since it is one of the cornerstones of management software.

As the diversity of applicable market strategies is relatively infinite, trades are made only in the light of a thorough check of the trading plan, as well as the ability to simulate based on real-time market data prior to actual use . within the stock markets, so as to be able to see if the system is able to effectively capture the highs and lows of the market or if it is able to follow the trend chosen properly.

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Cold as ice

Even with the greatest experience behind him, a human operator can always show emotions in the course of financial management. The doubt about confirming an investment, a rethinking about proceeding with an order, too much hesitation on a share package.

The automatic trading system does not know these factors, operating on the parameters set with diligence and without the slightest hesitation. If the parameters confirm the possibility of a profit, the STA proceeds without delay in its financial management work. Its strength lies in its objectivity, the result of a trading plan programming that leaves no doubt, also the result of a backtesting that presents the user with the risk and success margins for each individual trade with which one can interact.

An eye on all markets

The risk of losing positions, for those who are able to control only a given market, is completely eliminated by automatic trading. As a tight-knit team, the software is able to operate in multiple markets simultaneously , from forex to equities, opening positions on various fronts and offsetting any lower income with trades on the other side of the world.

In a world where diversification is the best parachute against bad investments, automatic software guarantees unlimited operations, be it through the management of futures, options, securities and foreign currencies, effectively making this management system today. a real cornerstone of the modern economy.

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