Shipping services are a demand of every company, big or small. In every country, there are numerous shipping service provider companies. These logistics companies mainly generate revenue by working b2b, that is, by offering shipping services to other businesses. Many notable features should be characteristics of good shipping service. When we talk about mass shipping, many factors like supply chain management, shipping price inclusion, crate sizes, and crate quantities come into play. These companies offer shipping services in many categories. The service type can be full truckload, less than truckload, or warehouse. Their customer service and service area also vary from company to company.


Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, it provides four primary services. These services include supply chain solutions, customs clearance, multimodal transportation, and warehouse management. Puninar mainly aims at meeting customers’ supply chains. Throughout their whole project, they look into the direction of manufacturing materials, customs clearance, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, and freight or crate management.

Their supply chain or network encompasses about nine different locations, and Puninar still looks forward to broadening its global outreach, communication, and reach to people. The company works very efficiently while keeping the client’s demands in mind. It offers a range of solutions to its customers.

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Puninar logistics has offices in east and south Kalimantan, Surabaya, Bandung, Java, Jambi, and Medan. They integrate expertise, network, and services to make the storage and movement of customers’ products more efficient.

Puninar’s supply chain solutions provide inclusivity to cost-efficient, customer-satisfactory, and result-driven shipping services. Their management teams also chalk out supply chain plans if your desired business shipping doesn’t resonate with their pre-fixed goals. They look and guide their clients through essential services like problem-solving on increasing revenue, cost reduction, improved quality, and improved delivery.

Their multimodal transportation is a big success. The company has enormous units of trucks, vessels, and tug boats to aid its shipping business. The transport management team looks forward to reducing freight-cost, providing effective service, and automating processes to run the logistics operations without any problems.

Puninar’s warehouse management is at its top game. They include asset tracking and inventory management in their warehouse management program. Customers can coordinate their supply chain from a single, easy-to-use interface.

They have always tried to do their best in customs clearance. Puninar logistics has served various projects in different niches like automotive, electronic and technology, oil, mining and gas, fast-moving consumer goods, etc.

It’s better to rely on top companies like Puninar if you want shipping services for your business. These logistics companies offer many features and benefits, and it’s better to look through these details and sort down what type of shipping works for your business.