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Remembering our loved ones – funeral service Singapore price


Everyone wants a proper goodbye, not only the alive ones but also the deceased ones. Providing them with a proper funeral service is just a gesture of showing your respect towards them.

The life celebrant offers meaningful and comprehensive funeral service singapore price packages that are customized to the wishes of the departed and the family’s needs.  The staff help minimize the stress of logistical matters the family has to go through during the funeral.

Most funeral services often provide psychological and emotional support for bereaved families.

When death occurs

funeral service singapore price

 The Loss of your close one cannot be compensated, but when you are not in a condition to think of anything and are unable to prepare paperwork for the following steps, you can contact them via phone.

Assigned funeral service will take care of all the necessities and humbly guide you through the final journey of your loved ones. It doesn’t matter the location where your loved one died. The team will rush your home and help you to carry your family member. They will guide you through all the steps, from funeral and casket arrangements to burial or cremation services in Singapore. They trained according to the family’s needs.

Steps for the funeral service

The experienced funeral directors will come and hold a discussion with you about the family customs and rituals. After collecting all the information, they will decide on further steps. They will organize the service and later ask for the full payment.

There are many types of funeral services. Some demand a fixed deposit and some full payment after you successfully bid farewell.

Many funeral services deliver comprehensive funeral repatriation or expatriation services for your loved ones if they have passed away overseas. For foreigners who passed away in Singapore, you can choose to bid farewell in the country itself.

Types of funeral services in Singapore

  1. Angel star funeral services
  2. Buddhist funeral services
  3. Taoist funeral services
  4. Soka funeral services
  5. Catholic funeral services
  6. Christians funeral services
  7. Non-religious funeral services
  8. Living funerals
  9. Funeral repatriation services
  10. Memorial service

 While death is a complex subject, funeral services plan for every milestone of our life, celebrations, and retirement.

Funeral services provide you with funeral pre-planning or funeral pre-arrangement. Although this seems a bit disappointing, we all have to die one day. Many have found it advantageous; it’s your turn to think for the same.

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