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Purchasing Advice On Home Security Safes

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If you’re considering purchasing a new safe for your home, then there are some essential things to consider before you do. Your first step should be to arm yourself with as much information on these locks as possible, which this article will provide. We’ve outlined the various types of security safes and the main features of each class, and then we’ll conclude by answering any questions that may still be lingering in your mind.


First, let’s talk about the different types. There are two main security safes available today: horizontal and vertical. We’ll introduce both of them, but first, we need to discuss their features and how they can provide a level of protection that most people should desire.


A horizontal safe is known by many names, including gun vaults, sports lockers, gun safes, or simply “lockers” for short. It is a safe designed to hold guns with numerous locking mechanisms to keep them secure. As you can imagine, this safe is usually purchased and kept at a local sporting goods store.

 The Importance of Residential and Commercial Safes - Richmond Security

The best part about these devices is that they can be purchased at any price point. The main disadvantage of these safes is that they are not strong enough to hold large amounts of cash or anything else of real value. The best horizontal gun safes will hold up to only 3 firearms, which means that if you want to keep a couple of shotguns or rifles in there, you’ll have to get something with more space.


The second type is known as a vertical safe. This particular device is also referred to by many names like gun cabinets, wall safes, or even wall safes for short. These safes are available in a wide range of sizes, with the smallest being no larger than 30” and the largest being up to 60” long – with the majority of them falling somewhere between those two points.


As you can imagine, these devices are designed to hold guns and other valuables, such as cash and jewelry. They all use heavy-duty metal, which is why they usually aren’t known for being as cheap as horizontal devices.


They are more common than their horizontal counterparts due to their cost-effectiveness. The main disadvantage of this safe is that it can be difficult to conceal under a bed or in a closet because it doesn’t have the same curvedness that you would find on other types of safes. This means that you’ll need to think carefully about where you plan on placing this safe when looking for the best home security safe, especially if you have children in the house.


The last type is, by far and away, the most common. Two basic types of systems are known as “bump keys” and “tumbler locks.” The former type is often the most desirable. It uses a standard 1/2″ or 1″ bolt that is used to press down a pin or tumbler on the interior of this safe. The second type has many internal parts that provide even more security to your valuables.


As you can imagine, bump keys safes cost more than the other device, but they should last you for many years without any problem.

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