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What are security labels?

What are security labels

If you order any product online, you would understand the amount of packaging that you get with the product. The product would first be enveloped in a cardboard box, and then there would be the plastic packaging with the product as well. If your product has been opened, or any content of your product is missing you would understand by directly looking at the product itself.

How did you do that? Did you look for any signs that define the product? Did you look for the manufacturing date of the product? No, you don’t. You can simply say that just by looking at the packaging of the product. You must have seen black cello tape attached to your product, and if that black cello tape tampers, you would understand that the product has been opened.

What are security labels?

The black cello tape that we just discussed is a type of security label. Security labels are attached to your product, and they maintain the level of security from tampering with evidence to stealing the contents of your package. Security labels can be applied to almost anything that you want to send to someone that would not be a part of the transportation process.

If you do not trust the company responsible for the transportation process, which is fairly common, you need to add security labels. They are not just for security, but they provide a hope that the product does not tamper in any way, and the intended recipient has received the product as it was intended to be.

How are they distinguished?

You can distinguish a security label just by looking at it. They are either distinct marks on the surface of the product or your documents. These marks are present at the place where the package can be opened. Whenever a security label is placed on a package, the only person that is responsible for the opening of this security label is the recipient of the package. This would reduce theft and problems related to plagiarism of the documents and the product.

Many companies have used security labels to distinguish their products as well. You must have seen a silverish mark and a disc at the top of a gas cylinder. This silverish mark at the top of a gas cylinder makes the gas cylinder to be 100% genuine, and the mark determines that the cylinder belongs to the intended company. This makes the product absolute and guarantees warranty claims as well.

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