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Big Data Analytics – What You Need to Know

Big data platform Hong Kong

Big data analytics inspects huge amounts of data that will help to uncover any hidden patterns, insights and correlations. With the development of technology, it is completely possible to analyze the data & get answers immediately –with the traditional intelligence solutions results in less efficient and slower effort, this is the reason big data platform is important.

What’s Big Data Analytics?

It is a kind of process that is used for extracting meaningful insights, like any hidden patterns or correlations, customer preferences and more. There are many benefits of using Big Data platform—and it is used to improve decision making process, preventing any fraudulent activities, and a few other things.

Importance of data analytics tool

Choosing AI data analytics tool over specialized software and system will lead to the positive business-related results and it includes:

  • Effective marketing
  • Revenue opportunities
  • Higher operational output
  • Competitive benefits
  • Improved customer service

The big data analytics tools allow the data scientists, analysts, statisticians and other experts to evaluate the current volumes of the structured transaction data, and other types of data left untapped by the conventional BI & analytics programs. There are many benefits of using the data analytic tool and it includes the mix of unstructured and semi-structured data.

Big data platform Hong Kong

Selecting the data analytics tool

Choosing data integration and analytics platforms were a bit simple before the development of big data, data governance, and machine learning. Today, there is a combination of terminology, operational needs, platform capacities, governance needs, and user personas that has made choosing the right platforms a bit complex, particularly as most of the vendors support various paradigms.

Earlier, technology platforms and software’s were designed to address structured and unstructured data. The ways and value of unifying or including these data forms was not yet realized, and computing environments to process the high volumes of the disparate data weren’t commercially accessible. Organizations are using, storing and sharing huge data in different formats, and it includes:

  • Collaborative Intranets & Extranets
  • Instant Messaging
  • Social media platforms
  • Audio and video files
  • Websites, blogs and wikis

Benefits of the Big Data Platform

The AI analytics has now expanded their roots in almost all fields and this has resulted in use of the Big Data in various industries like Banking, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and other.

There’re a lot of companies that make use of the big data analytics. But, banking and finance sectors make maximum use of the Big Data Analytics. Even education sector uses data analytics for improving their students’ performance and making teaching simple for instructors.

The Big Data analytics has helped the retailers e-commerce and traditional to know their customer behavior & suggest any products according to their customer interest. It helps them to develop improved products that help the company enormously.

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