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Trophies And Awards: The Different Types

Trophies And Awards The Different Types

Gaining a few insights about what you want to award is a significant step. There are several custom awards and trophies for a pageant, sports competition, or recognition awards. They are available in different shapes and materials. Primary materials include glass, crystal, wood, metal, steel, marble, and acrylic. The type of award you choose should match the ceremony. Every classification has its magnificence to boast about, so you should choose with care.

Acrylic awards

One of the most outstanding available materials is acrylic. It is a glassy thermoplastic that has an incredible transparency rate. It is possible to form different structures and shapes with this material. Manufacturers usually use acrylic as a replacement for glass. An acrylic award is extraordinary and affordable. It conveys style without hurting your budget. This type of award material is the best when it comes to affordability, class, and durability.

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Glass awards

Nothing can match the excellence of glass awards. Acrylic awards may be more affordable than glass awards, but that is because glass awards are a work of art. They are stylish, and manufacturers can create various shapes and structures from them. A lot of modern organizations choose awards and trophies made of glass. Although it looks basic, it gives off a contemporary feel. Manufacturers can engrave or imprint lettering on the glass. They are elegant and available at a reasonable price.

Marble awards

Marble awards give a great impression, no doubt about that. This type of award is popular because of its durability. The engraved letters add to its magnificent appearance. Renowned award ceremonies use this type often.

Crystal awards

This type of award became famous due to the pure excellence it holds. Crystal awards also come in various forms and structures. Manufacturers usually use a laser to cut the crystal. Cutting it by hand is also possible, although much more difficult. Imprinted or engraved letters make the award more personalized. Superb business plaques use the crystal as material.

Resin awards

The popularity of this type of award keeps on increasing the past decade. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the manufacturing process improved and became more natural. Manufacturers can create excellent modern and innovative awards for all types of ceremonies. Designing is at a new level, and adding intricate details is not difficult anymore.

Many awards and trophy companies are providing made-to-order alternatives. The various options can become overwhelming, and you can feel inundated. Check out all the available products before you make a decision. Consider the type of ceremony before you choose the type of award. Make sure your choice is not something you will regret later on. People always remember the awards. It is best if they remember it for something great rather than something terrible.