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Increase Revenue by Outsourcing Affiliate Management

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Running an affiliate program successfully depends on how well the structure of the program is maintained initially. Unless you are working with a vertical type of market your revenues will suffer unless constantly maintain your program with auto drive. There are several affiliates that are negatively working by spamming and fake advertising. They also infringe trademark and practice cookie cutting. With the humongous online business flourishing the competition is at its peak. This leads the merchants to redirect their simple online business towards affiliate marketing that increases traffic and revenue. Online and offline advertising almost bring the same results today. However, online advertising needs to abide by a lot of regulations and norms that require and different set of resources. This is why global merchants opt for Outsourced Affiliate Management https://masakor.com/.

Companies providing the OPM or the Outsourced program management are at par with any offline advertising agency. The only difference is OPM has a professional team of affiliate managers with resourceful network.

Business startup with business tips

Types of affiliate websites:

  • The affiliates have an imprecisely divided the online markets among the following types-
  • Search arbitrage that uses PPC method to increase sales.
  • Charity sites that deal with CRM.
  • Websites showing loyalty with reward points or offering cashbacks with product comparison.
  • Individual websites
  • Weblog and syndication website feeds.
  • The file hosting sites links, where you can upload your product content and get paid for the number of time your file gets downloaded.
  • Virtual platforms that combine the brand with social media using virtual currency.
  • The leading affiliates publish the bran on their network pricing per action.
  • Relevant and sensitive products are advertised on various sites using Adbars.
  • Advertising directories that group similar products categories without the disclosing details of the variable information like price of the product etc.
  • Integrating different offers on the affiliates’ site during the website registration.
  • Sending newsletter or product launch contents through email marketing.
  • Coupons and discounts induced sales websites.
  • Relevant content related marketing websites.
  • Marketing through video blogs.

Publisher Enrollments:

The advertisers and publishers together form a spectrum of affiliate network program. This requires recruiting new publishers. Together they can target audiences by ensuring zero brand competition even if affiliates are chosen from other websites. Some loyal customers can be converted into affiliate partners within the terms of the brand. Any publisher who can offer higher traffic can be hired by the advertiser to reduce the cost. The publisher is exposed to lesser risk factor with the cost per click model instead of the high risk involved with cost per action model. In case of revenue sharing the burden lies equally on both.


Affiliate marketing is now becoming the backbone of e-commerce. The businesses that deal with huge volumes, logically needs to hand over the online marketing sector to those who can generate revenues economically with minimalistic or no risk. The only solution to all these requirements is by choosing the best Outsourced Affiliate Management Company. This company should have a successful track record in the affiliate marketing industry.