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An overview about bitcoin price

information about bitcoin

At present, you can see the live price of bitcoin with other useful market data such as capitalization of bitcoin market, trading volume, monthly, weekly and daily changes, lowest and highest prices and total supply and so on. In normal, the bitcoin price is offered in USD, but you can simply switch a base currency to British pounds, Euro, Russian Roubles and Japanese Yen.

Find out the value of bitcoin

At present, you can easily find out the value of bitcoin from the top most crypto currency exchanges such as Okex, Binance, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Bit stamp, Coin base and Kraken. You can choose the check box to compare the costs between exchanges on the bitcoin charts. Now, there are different views available such as line chart, OHLC and Candle stick. You can also even utilize the buttons to switch between the charts of bitcoin. In normal, the information is given for the final week, but the users are able to select one year, month, week or day and also three months of data or custom period. Moreover, there is an in-built feature of costing as well as downloading the price charts of bitcoin. In addition to, there is a wonderful chance to download the information in the following format such as in.xls/.csv.

information about bitcoin

Historical price of bitcoin

This part actually consists of the price of bitcoin. You can even feel free to personalize the time period to view the price history of bitcoin for the needed time. There are price, date, volume and change. The date also explains the day of a recorded price and this price shows the value of bitcoin as of date and also shows the trading volume of bitcoin for the present day and the change denotes a percentage change in the price of a coin.

Where you can purchase the bitcoin?

At present, the bitcoin has the massive market capitalization among the entire crypto currencies. Almost, the bitcoin is always an initial choice on each crypto currency exchange and many other crypto currencies can only be traded really against bitcoin. If you would like to buy the bitcoin, first of all, you must know about the bitcoin price and then check out the websites to buy bitcoins. Now, some websites offer bitcoin, so you can earn up to $200 in free bitcoin for each hour. In this way, earning bitcoin is very much simple and also withdraws your winning as simple as possible.