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Various Types of Retailers in the Retailing Business

Retailing Business

Retailing is a huge access to the huge network of retailing in the world of business. It has been generating employment for millions over the years and the corporation shop is what employs all the people. Retail is selling goods directly to the customers without the middleman. It is a single point of purchase from the seller to the buyer, not involving in wholesale delivery. The inventories are kept in full and payments are collected every month. Retailers work in places more than merchandise; they provide manufacturers with an outlet for focusing on creating products.

Working of retailing

Retailers work on a system that directly provides the goods from the manufacturers to the buyers by the sellers. To have the inventory and to ensure that the products are sold properly, retailers work in between the corporation shop. The major key roles in the typical chain supply are:

  1. Manufacturers and those that produce the goods using raw materials like laborers, machines producing directly into finished products.
  2. Wholesalers are those that purchase the finished goods starting from the manufacturers and selling those to all the retailers in larger bulk quantities.
  3. Retailers sell the goods in smaller quantities directly to the high-end user points and at the price suggested by the retail prices.
  4. Consumers are the people who buy goods for their personal use.

There can be some exceptions to the work of retailing as well. Retailers have to understand the market segments in which they are working to understand the customers and customer experience is something that retailers are trying to achieve. The preferences of the customers are different and in addition to adding retail experiences, it helps in adding brand royalty.

Different retailer types

  1. Department stores

The department stores sell a variety of goods from the groceries, to everyday essentials and there are different sections of the goods that they sell. Some of the department stores sell only jewelry, housewares, etc.

  1. Specialty retailers

These retailers deal with special category and the brand product names. Some examples are Adidas and Nike which are considered to be specialty brands. It only sells the merchandise having the brand names in it.

  1. Supermarkets

The groceries and the supermarkets sell all types of food items and beverage products and at some times, electronics and home products as well.

  1. Warehouse retailers

It offers warehouse-type facilities sold in large quantities and the items are sold at lower prices. They generally sell in bulk or even in quantities.


Retailers are very important in the shopping world and you should understand even the working of mobile retailers as well.

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