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Media safes for your essential documents

Media safes for your essential documents

Data and media safes are designed in order to hold all of your electronic data requirements. These types of safes are designed to protect media like CDs, DVDs, hard drives as well as computer media. These safes are fireproof, offer you moisture protection, and offer the same simple designs as traditional safes. Whether you have a large scale company, a small scale company or you want a safe for your private use, eagle data media safes are ideal for each.

We have a wide range of safes that can protect your sensitive media which can be in danger while using a traditional safe. With the aim of providing the most innovative solutions to our customers, you can blindly trust our products that are available.

Benefits of media safes-

  1. You can easily protect all your confidential business documents from unwanted evil eyes.
  2. Your essential records are protected from water, fire, theft, sunlight, smoke, sabotage, humidity as well as vandalism.
  3. Eagle safes are available in various sizes in order to suit your requirements and needs.
  4. An optional preventative maintenance contract that ensures your document fire safe operates accurately at all times.
  5. A 24-hour emergency service is provided to repair the damaged data media safes.
  6. Eagle safe is designed in such a manner so that it can protect our magnetic storage media such as CDs, LTO tapes, or hard drives from fire as well as humidity.
  7. Our safes are equipped with a multi-layered inner box made from special anti-thermal materials. This ensures and maintains the inner temperature below 65 degrees Celsius and humidity below 85%.
  8. The safes are made with double doors in order to prevent dust, steam, water, or fire fighting material from entering.
  9. Our safes come along with a key lock and a choice is given between a mechanical combination lock or an electronic number pad.
  10. It is rated for 1 or 2-hour fire protection which is certified by international authorities.

Media safes for your essential documents

Some of our safes are as follows-

  1. EDS-020-D

Features- a. It has 3 wheels mechanical combination lock.

  1. it comes with a key lock for additional security.
  2. it has two-way locking bolts
  3. EDS-045

         Features- a. it has a three-wheel mechanical combination lock

  1. it comes with a key lock for additional security.
  2. it has 4-way locking bolts
  3. It is two-hour fire tested.
  4. EDS-065

         Features- a. it has a three-wheel mechanical combination lock

  1. it has 4-way locking bolts
  2. it is two-hour fire tested.
  3. it’s door consists of Tongue and Groove closure type

                               design to prevent penetration of fire in it.

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