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Making a Switch to the LED Car Park Lighting – Know Your Reason

is a positive effect on our environment and resulting in reduction

As high power LED lights exploded on the market over 10 years ago, its use in the commercial lighting became highly widespread & comprehensive. From specific lighting of the small areas, and lighting on the industrial scale, many companies are selecting the LED Lighting solutions.

Why select LEDs for Car Park?

Over past some years and after recession, lots of business was forced at how they can cut down the costs and an area found to be highly popular was cutting down the energy costs. The companies are finding that maintenance costs outweigh its price of replacing the current park lighting with the new LED lighting. Some of them are going to an extent of buying Solar LED Lighting and where just initial costs are present.

Making such switch over can save the company over 25% on the total energy bills, since LED’s make use of less energy for illuminating. Well made The Car Park LED lighting generally has the lifespan of over 50,000 to 100,000 hours giving you a chance to spend some funds as well as allocate the staff to many other projects instead of continuous expenditure & maintenance of the traditional technology.

Investing? If you are thinking of making the huge investment to improve the car park lighting, LED technology is the natural choice.  An investment in Car Park LED Lighting will provide small payback periods.

LED Car Park Lighting

Eco-friendly – One major benefit of the Car Park LED Lighting is a positive effect on our environment and resulting in reduction of the Carbon emissions.  Car Park LED Lighting has decreased an impact on the natural & grid resources by using over 75% of less electricity than the traditional technologies.  There will not be any harmful chemicals used during manufacturing procedure and after disposal, since all LED’s come mercury free.

Security – Many times used for the car parks lighting, LED will offer large and floodlit, areas modified to meet your requirements. Use of the photocell technology allows street light to get illuminated when it is triggered by reduction in the natural light.  Range of the lighting replicates the natural daylight to the softer tone. Making use of the unique technology allows the lighting stay on from the dusk till dawn and modified to suite your needs,

Durability – One big benefit of the Car Park LED Lighting is the durability. They’re tougher, stronger, and long lasting. There’re no tubes and filaments that you will find in the incandescent traditional lamps, or reduced risk of this shattering.  Thus, these are some of the important points that you need to know when buying car park LED lights, make sure you choose the right one.

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