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Different types of cloud and their services

microsoft dynamics 365

Any computer network needs a server to perform various functions like storing a file or data and allowing it to get accessed by other computers on the same network. This is how normal computing works and the same happens with cloud computing also. In cloud computing, there will also be a real physical server set up at one place but the storage of it will be available in the shared resource called as the cloud. Checkout microsoft dynamics 365 which is one of the cloud based software that can help in managing all your business processes in an easy manner.

Here we have given some precise description on different types of cloud and their services. If you are looking out for some high level information on cloud computing, read below to find the following.

microsoft dynamics 365

  • Coming to different types of cloud, it is generally of four types. It includes public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud. In Private cloud, the access of it is only to a specific organization and it will probably be covered with a firewall. It means the confidential and important information of the company will not be available to access by any other people outside of the organization. The private cloud is more secured and provide more safety options at a specific cost for the organization. The organization will only be responsible for the software and it’s infrastructure and the users need not worry about it. In public cloud like that is provided by Amazon and Google, anybody can access the software and infrastructure provided by these companies. It has a lot of space on the server for storage purposes than private cloud. Hybrid cloud is the combination of both public and private clouds. It means that it allows the interaction between these two by making the transfer of files possible between these clouds.
  • There are three different types of services that this cloud computing offers in which each one is special for specific things. One has a very versatile behavior and others are designed to perform a specific task very well. The first comes infrastructure as a service in which physical servers, storage spaces are provided along with the ability to manage the installation and configuration of any software’s operating system or middleware. Software as a service provides cloud based software like microsoft dynamics 365 to manage everything about the organization core processes. It provides the software for subscription and one can use it. Platform as a service means that it provides all the necessary tools needed for testing, deployment, updating and developing software. It includes functions provided by IaaS along with database management, middleware and operating system for developing software.
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