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Carbon Emissions – Measure & Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Carbon Emissions

Like we all know that carbon & other gas emissions work in catalyzing the global warming. Therefore, you will combat the global warming just by reducing these emissions. There are a few ways to do this. We have to identify organisms that form these gases & reduce the number, change our lifestyles to reduce production of such gases, and also slow down destruction rate of the rainforests, and improve sequestration process. Under this sequestration process, scientists are working hard, carbon is locked getting up on the long-term basis. And in such sequestration experiments, the carbon compounds such as CO2 are pumped in oil wells and coal mines. Success of such experiments must help to produce fossil fuels and carbon neutral, athough not comprehensively.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: 

After measuring the carbon footprint, next goal for business is to reduce this footprint and look for carbon credit. The company must analyze and see where or how it will reduce size of the footprint. Reduced use of electricity, gas, water, as well as oil besides sourcing the raw materials to reduce the transportation can help to achieve the end. One major way company will reduce carbon footprint of the product is improving product’s longevity, and doing away with need of producing the replacement & increasing the carbon emission. Measures to control population measures are possible to help. Thus can reducing the intake of meat, since it can cut down on the emissions coming from processing the meat. The cleaner transportation can mean lesser emissions.

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Footprint: 

Amount of CO2 put in our environment by businesses and individuals is called the respective carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is generally composed of the direct and primary footprint, and indirect and secondary footprint. The direct emissions coming from burning of the fossil fuels while measured give us a primary footprint , whereas emissions from our life-cycle products that we use compose secondary footprint. The carbon audit company will measure such through product their manufacturing cycle and starting with sourcing of the raw materials & ending with finished product. The non-manufacturing tasks such as administration, management, sales, and more contribute to this footprint and should be taken in account. The process can help to measure carbon produced by extraction of the raw materials, making the goods, transporting and distributing it for the final disposal with ultimate consumer. The measurement process is named as carbon audit.

Generally, carbon audit can list different activities that relate to business & quantify them in the terms of the tonnes of the carbon produced. For example, th  carbon audit can take in account these factors as the direct & indirect emissions from packaging, manufacturing, visits to the clients, traveling on work, electricity as well as energy used in office, amount of waste made in the office, and more. Total carbon produced from these activities can be computed as company’s footprint.

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