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Beginners’ Step-By-Step Guide of mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

The acts involving verifying transactions on every blockchain are what we refer to as Bitcoin mining. Thus it gives validity to each transaction and then publicly shares it across a peer-2-peer network for everyone to see. Mumble bitcoin website shows how bitcoin miners are responsible for valediction and verification of every BTC transaction before adding it to blocks.

Once a bitcoin places the next block into the blockchain wallet, they can claim a bonus that usually comes in bitcoin form. Therefore, the more the miner solves mathematical calculation, the more reward he/she gets. And you don’t have to an expert software developer to participate in Bitcoin mining. Below is a gradual beginner step of mining bitcoin:

Find a Hardware Bitcoin miner

Bitcoin mining world has become continually becoming more complex as a higher computation power is implemented in mining. So, the higher the level of mining increases, the difficult it becomes even earn a profit, and also, the investing becomes even more challenging. Bitcoin mining is under high completion, and therefore you need to carry out enough research before you invest in hardware.

Initially, it was easy to use computers to mine BTC, but as it continues to get complicated, mining bitcoin using computers is no longer possible. So, currently, you will have to purchase a special computer whose purpose is mainly for BTC mining.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Get BTC wallet

Even before you think of buying BTC, you need to look for a wallet that is either online or offline, based on storing your bitcoin. BTC wallet usually comes with the address of an available wallet with a password or private key. Bitcoin private key is the most vital details to consider. And in case your BTC wallet is self-hosted, you will have to copy your wallet data file to prevent you from losing your funds.

Look for a pool to join/Pool mining

You are also recommended to look for a pool to join or decide to mine alone. A pool you required to join is known as a mining pool, where a group of miners comes together to share rewards and resources. A pool guarantees faster returns when combining computing power for massive results.

Find a software miner for your PC

They are currently numerous mining programs, but it all depends on the type of hardware you’re using. The mining program will help you control and monitor your hardware. Some standard programs include EasyMiner, BFGminer, and CGminer. Also, it’s advisable to consult people mining pool when connecting to a pool program.


Once you are done with the entire process, you’re good to run a mining program and enter your pool’s password and username. As the miner continues to work, you will notice your computer slowing down. Mumble BTC website has more information to offer about mining; visit and find more.