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A Platform For The Best Business Encounters; Whatsapp Business Api

whatsapp business api 


The whatsapp business api is a medium for all the large scale businesses that boost the communication quality of the service provider with its customers. It is one of the most simple, secure, and efficient ways to connect up with customers all over the world. The best feature is that service is very reliable and easy to access.

Benefits of the business

  • Improve the quality of customer experience: the WhatsApp business program, of the mob cast access the customer data and provides a proper understanding of customer interests that helps with the further advancements.
  • Team productivity levels up: the agents will be able to handle multiple chats simultaneously and transfers it to the supervisor whenever it is required.
  • Increased engagement of customers: the best agents are there to protect the customers’ attention whenever the bot issue comes up.
  • Will accompany through all kinds of business: the services are open for all the members of the ongoing or budding business industry.

To start and access

All you need to do is hit on the ‘try it today’ after entering your work email and then you signup to apply and then through the email you will get to avail one of the sales representatives guides for the way out through the issues that you face. The whatsapp business api (application program interface) will provide you a platform for communication along with the integration of the WhatsApp business solution to guide you through the entire process of onboarding, to help you get your business account verified by the WhatsApp.

whatsapp business api 

The features of mobicastwhatsapp business API

  • Easy to use: WhatsApp integration to all your apps, sites, and systems to enable the information exchange through WhatsApp.
  • Fast and reliable: it is highly convenient and reliable when it comes to the leverages of the WhatsApp API and alerts it notifies on behalf of the customers.
  • Multi-agent support: queries, requests, and feedbacks are handled by the agents wherever needed.
  • AI influenced chat-bot: automated answers to repeated questions so that your team focuses more on the loopholes.
  • Secured messaging: The messages are secured on its way to the recipient and are not decodable by any other foreign user.
  • Analytics and report formation: keep a check on your performance growth and degradations to improve the quality of service wherever it is needed.


The mobicast has all of the qualities that one would seek in an assistant or a guide through the business encounters and issues that arise. The tactics of analysis and report generation of the overall performance help the business improvements to gain satisfied customers. Effective management services help in the tracking and building of the customer relationship. The agents can respond to the customers as soon as the text is received on WhatsApp.

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