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Questions You Need To Ask Your Financial Advisor


You have decided to take the services of a financial advisor, ask your family, friends and neighbors for a reference. You can ask recommendations from those people who have the same financial requirements or their financial situation is same as yours. You can also take the help of Google to find the right financial adviser in your area.

When you have shortlisted potential advisers, you need to meet them in person. This will help you check their unlawful or unethical behavior. You can also check the certification status by paying a visit to www.kreditus.eu.

Here are a couple of the questions, which you need to ask before you finalize a financial adviser.

How much and how do they charge for their services?

If the fee structure or charges is not mentioned on your financial adviser’s website, then you can ask them. You need to clarify there is an initial planning fee or do they charge a percentage? They will take a commission by selling financial products. You need to know before taking the services that how much it will cost you.

Know the services they provide

Some financial planners will only advise you about investments whereas some give comprehensive financial planning that include estate planning, tax planning, insurance and retirement plans. You need to determine what kind of services you require before taking their services. Make sure that the services are in accordance to your requirements.

Check a sample financial plan

You can ask www.kreditus.eu to show a sample plan. Some financial advisers may give you 50 pages that include graphs and charts; you may not be able to understand it. Some planners might provide a snapshot in accordance to your financial situation.

Are you working alone or with a team?

This question will also help you understand that how often you can be in touch with your financial advisor. Some advisers may say that they will meet you once a year, but their assistant will meet you and do all the research and gather data. Some financial agencies have a team and it is up to you to decide. One thing is for sure you do not want to take the services of someone who says,” I am available once a year.” Working with a financial team is good because you will get answers to your queries even if your planner is on vacation.

You can also ask your financial planner what makes him unique and why should you take his services.

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