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Looking for a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

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There are several ways to find a maid in Hong Kong. Most of them are very practical, because they can be part of their daily activities, so you do not need to make extra efforts to find a maid. Although some forms require research and evaluation, especially the web, they can take up most of your time. But no matter what form you choose, there is no guarantee that you will find the right qualities of the maid you are looking for. Therefore, it is best to use one or more of the following methods to find a maid.

The recommendation of friends and family is a common and reliable way to find a housework assistant.

Your friends and family may meet someone who has worked for them before. Perhaps they turn to the assistant because they consider her reliable and confident that the assistant will be able to take care of her house. Another form of link is through friends and family of your current employee. Your maid may have a friend or relative who is willing to work as a maid. One way or another, such guarantees guarantee that the servants mentioned are of good moral character.

Confidence in hiring domestic workers is the principle of seeking help from a traditional agency. The agency takes care of all the evidence and processing the documents, making sure that the hk domestic helper has the qualifications that the employer is looking for.

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Some maids in Hong Kong announce their availability through the online housework help platform. Many of these online housework help sites contain maid profiles and photos, making it easier for employers to choose. Some home help websites offer an advanced search function that makes it easy to match the qualifications of the home worker that the employer is looking for based on an accessible database.

When looking for a home helper, another useful place is the forum. The employer can clearly communicate their requirements for the maid, and interested maids can easily consult and respond to the publication. On the other hand, a passive way to publish ads is through bulletin boards in public places and institutions such as Park N ‘Shop and Welcome. There are popular places where maids regularly review job offers, and some even create a property hong kong to regularly access new requirements.

Church congregation is also another reliable organization that can help you find a household assistant. The group welcomes all walks of life, including many domestic workers. Friendly communication with your members can lead you to the right person you are looking for, especially if you prefer to hire a maid with the same religion.


If you live in a large apartment building, maidservants usually come to you to offer their services. Therefore, it’s very useful to place your housework help vacancy on your building’s notice board.

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