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How To Get People To Like The New Houston Genesis GV80?

Houston Genesis GV80 

Technology has taken over the world like never before. If a person looks around themselves, they will find that how perfectly they have surrounded themselves by different technological appliances. From means of transport to the way of communication the technology has brought simplification to everything. Talking about cars, although the invention of wheels was done in the early ages, the real motive of it was fulfilled after the invention of the automobile.

The cars are a way of transportation which uses four wheels and runs on a mechanical system. Yes! Since the invention, in the year 1885, the car has gone through many different upgradations. Today the car has all the amenities to comfort the journey of the travellers. The SUVs and Sedan class cars which runs on the road today are all a gift of technology to mankind.

The Houston Genesis G80 Is a car which is designed and launched in the market under the name of Genesis of Northwestern Houston. The car has all the luxurious amenities which a traveler or a driver can think of. This article will speak about the features of the car which are enough to make a person fall in love with it. So, let’s begin.

Houston Genesis GV80 

Features of Houston Genesis GV80 

The Genesis G80 is a car which has all the luxuries which a person can desire from a European or a Japanese car manufacturing firm. The model is a midsized-sedan class vehicle with a budgeted range.  The organisation have added to its features and have launched a new model of the G80 version with the name of Houston Genesis GV80.

The latest model of the car which was launched in the year 2018 has the following features:

  • Design: The latest model of the previous G80 has gone through an altogether a new upgradation. The model of the car now has a new design. The variant comes in a sporty look which makes it more aesthetic and appealing to the eye of the one who witnesses it.
  • Engine: The latest variant of the car has got an altogether a new engine. The 3.3L of twin-engine of turbo V6 is placed under the bonnet of the sports model of the G80. Yes! The propulsion system has the power to generate an output of 365 horsepower.
  • Aesthetics: The body of the car has also received many different upgrades as well. The headlights, bumpers and the wheels of the car have now become safer than before. The car now has an instrumentation panel as well as all new trim option.

Altogether if a person is looking to buy a new mid-sized vehicle which has all the luxurious amenities then this is the best buy for you. The cost of the vehicle is not more when it comes to the features it provides to the passengers.

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