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Difference between State Tax ID and Employer Identification Number

Difference between State Tax ID and Employer Identification Number

Most people commonly ask the difference between State tax identification number and employer ID number. It is essential before you apply for a tax id number; first, you should understand the following description:

  • Federal-Tax-Number is usually assigned by internal-Revenue-Service.
  • Reseller-Permit-Assign by a state
  • Employers-Identification number is usually used when hiring employees
  • Authority Certificate is usually used to pick sales tax from the customers
  • FEIN is applied to file business tax
  • Employer-identification-Number can be cancelled by IRS when requested
  • The State Identification number can be withdrawn, filling the tax return for the sales.
  • State Tax ID is also identified as Authority certificate, Use-Tax-Number, reseller permit and sales
  • A taxpayer Identification number and Excise Business
  • The federal Employer ID Number (EIN)

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The Sales-Tax-Exemption

The sales tax certificate is a legal document that usually issues by the government. The authority certificate gives the business an authority to fetch the necessary taxes and use sales. It also offers an appropriate reseller permit exception, resale certificate and document used for buying inventory. Here are other names of Sales Identification number:

  • Reseller permit
  • Sales tax seller Identification number
  • Sales tax ID registration
  • Authority Certificate
  • Sales tax ID
  • State tax identification number

State tax end purchase of the goods and services include internet sales. Regular tax sales are offered on tangible private property. It should be movable. The intangible property, such as bonds and stocks, are usually excluded.  Sales taxes are applied for real goods such as clothes, furniture, cars, household products and other items.

In comparison, generally, state tax doesn’t apply for landscaping services, private school coaching, attorney charges bonds and stocks, real estate, and other purchases. If a seller has nexus, he must charge the state tax. Physical presences or nexus is developed when a business maintains a permanent or temporary people’s existence.


In conclusion, Employer ID number and State ID number are two different documents assigned by state and federal, respectively. If you want to apply for a tax id number login at https://irs-taxid-numbers.com/learn/how-to-apply-for-a-tax-id-number-online-tax-id-application/, it has all business document that comprises a total of 50 states.

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