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Ilan Tzorya And DTI Group’s Scam


Back in 2016, after a split from Shai Hillels and also Yehoram, Ilan Tzroya had ultimate control of the Tradologic HQ. For Tzroya, it was perfect timing to expand further his ventures. The b2b business was a success, and royalties became a relatively stable source of funds for Ilan.

Eventually, Ilan realized that running brands was a lucrative endeavor. Clients who operated successful brands earned thousands every month.

Tradologic HQ As Source

Access to Tradologic clients’ statistical data as well as contacts gave Ilan unprecedented insights about the industry. The Tradologic HQ provided him access to important statistics including:

  • a client’s average lifetime
  • favorable demographics
  • conversion rates

Tzroya easily gained information that he needed, which made it too convenient to find his next ideal victim. His first victim was Zoomtrader, a client of Tradologic.

The Brand Progression

As the brand was growing, it required money. Ilan saw opportunities as he took on the brand. He tried to look for investors, particularly those that won’t ask too many questions.

Vlad Smirnov represented GV Holdings, and the company invested 2 million Euro in the DTI Group. Ilan had 40% written on paper, but since he controlled all deals, this helped boost his capability to loot brands. Ilan utilized the money for investing in Zoomtrader, which wasn’t beneficial for him eventually.

Tradologic HQ

By October 2016, Ilan decided to swap Zoomtrader for about 15% for Veltyco, Plc. The company is publicly traded and operated by Uwe Lenhoff. He also gets 600k cash for the DTI Group, as well as a position at the company’s board. Zoomtrader eventually forms part of the Veltyco portfolio. Ilan registered the shares under a DTI clone, DTIG Holding LTD. This entity is under his full ownership as well.

Acquire Brands, Share Them

There was a time when Ilan saw an opportunity in one of DTI’s promising clients, wherein Gal Bark is considered to be the driving force. He asked Gal to seal a deal with Tradologic, make him a partner, and also to invest in the B2C business of Gal.

Ilan eventually becomes a partner at Tradologic, wherein he initially had 25%. After putting up DTI Group, he moved the deal to the DTI Group from Tradologic. Currently, DTI owns about half of GMP, a newly-formed company with Gal Barak.

By 2017, Tzorya already controls a big holding. He currently operates B2C brands with increasing revenues. In his portfolio, he has a wide variety of companies including LegionRun.com. Frequent participants are employees from Tradologic, GMP, as well as DTI.

With very minimal investments, DTI’s shares were increased in the Legion Events from 30% to about 93%, which drives its founders literally out of the company’s ownership with a minimal amount of money.

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