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Choose the best welding machine for the beginner level

Choose the best welding machine for the beginner level

As you are just a novice, you cannot understand different advanced level additional attachments included to a pro level welding machine. You need one with an easy mechanism, durable, easy to handle and easy to maintain welding machine – the best welder for a beginner. Now, you must be thinking of how to find out a machine included all these features together.

So, here we just want to provide you some basic but necessary tips to make your quest easy while buying a good welder.

Take a look at the following top 2 best and popular welders here.


It uses the maximum output of 105 amps which is strong enough to generate stable welds. Obviously, that does not mean that you can use this machine to fuse on the thicker materials because it cannot provide you the required power level. So, it is strictly not recommended. But, you can use this machine to blend thinner metals and other thinner materials perfectly. As a beginner, you can have the best welding machine now.

It is quite small in size and is not heavy at all so that anyone can carry out anywhere. Maybe you have a small workshop and you need to fuse smaller things – this is the best choice for you. But for the heavy-duty professional welding jobs, it is not the first choice at all.

best welder for a beginner


  • Available at a really affordable price.
  • Easy to use for the beginners.


  • Suitable only for the beginners.
  1. Hobart 500559 – best MIG welder for beginners looking for tackle big welding jobs:

A welding machine suitable for light industrial works and small projects related to the thinner metals is here. Hobart 500559, along with a 20% duty cycle, the MIG welding machine can blend metals with the maximum thickness of a quarter of an inch. Generally, this welding machine works best with steel, stainless steel, aluminum or any other thick material. Just plug in and start repairing your products. Also, you can perform auto body work; can use it for the maintenance works and more.

Hobart is not too powerful but can be the best welder for a beginner to perform small-repairing jobs and heavy-duty projects.


  • Best suitable for different varieties of welding tasks.
  • Easy to use for the
  • Portable – anyone can carry out anywhere.
  • Decent power.


  • No such disadvantages.
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