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Business Gives The Prestige


Business may be defined as the process of activity which is done by the man to make the profit. The business is done by a person to make profit and also to make prestige, money, status, power in to show him who he is. In other words we may say that the activity or effort or works done by the person who is to make money is called as business. Business is different from profession and employment. To say the difference professional work is done only by the educated persons, who are professionally qualified to do the work. And employment works are those people also comes under the category of educated persons. Employed worker are also have workers who are uneducated persons, there are employed in a working places and offices for monthly salaries. Professional persons are like chattered accountant, doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. These professional persons should possess the qualification as prescribed by the law. But there is no completion for the business persons to be qualified to do the business.

Advantages Of Business

The important thing for them to do the business is that to have the initial money to start up the business. Capital is very important for starting up the business. The most important advantage in doing up the business is that the persons who have the attitude to work under an industry or some other places can start up the business and he or she can stand on his own leg. There are some people who do not have the attitude to work under other persons. Some of the persons are also highly intelligent, so it is not advisable from them to work under other institutions and waste their talent. So they can start up a business and can bring him out to explore his talent and skills in the business. This not only helps him bring out his talent and skill but he can also earn from doing the business and can lift up his family.

Business is helping the most of the people. As we should not have the opinion that business is can be done only by the middle class people or rich persons. Business can be also done by the persons who are living in the rural areas. That is they can do the small scale business like making eatable item like snacks and etc. They can also involve in doing the small works for to bring up them. Some of them are also start up new stores. Business involves all the activities which brings a man profit and from business is not only lifting up him selves but also to lift his family. Business deals with goods and services. One should not only have the talent to start up the business but he should also have the intelligent, skill, talent to meet the various risk while doing up the business. He or she should also have the skill, talent and intelligent to make his business to result in the high profit.

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