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Breaking the ice with Virtual Team building


The remote work flexibility depends on the essence of its efficiency. According to research, the remote employee has the ability to work for an extended period of time since they normally choose their routine including fewer breaks and shorter sick leaves. The virtual collaboration of remote workers can offer a great investment return especially when they work together

Definition of the Virtual Team

The virtual team is the teamwork of people who contribute in a team projects through developing collaborative efforts, purposely to achieve shared objectives and goals using the communication technology. These include video conferencing, email, video, instant text messaging, phone calls or fax.

The first step to implementing useful virtual team building activity is by comprehending the communication importance. In the traditional office surrounding physical communication allow the employees to associate with one another much easier.  Discuss regarding a personal time during the weekends with workmates at the photocopy machine or while by a coffee machine.

These are important components of developing the collaboration sense and a remarkable office experience. However, the virtual company has to commit time to intensify relationship among the works with different strategies. They don’t have the capability to plan seasonal activities like holiday’s dinners, movie days and intramural sports.

According to Forbes research, home works are normally 13% much productive with higher work satisfaction compared to a worker daily work in an office. However virtual team managers may have to reflect on the following:

  • Inadequate networking among the coworkers
  • Untrustworthy between the workmates
  • The difference in both tradition and culture
  • Lack of direction consistency

With engaging in virtual group building activities and teachings about proper communication, managers’ can be in a position to learn how their employees communicate. Managers can as well plan the training course on how the employees supposed to communicate with one another.

Thoughts based on team building Concept

Ideas regarding virtual team are meant for four employee’s virtual teams or more. It is significant for workmates to create a working relationship with each other so that they can collaborate on developments depending on the uniqueness of every employee’s abilities.

Eventually, you can be in a position to discover everyone’s potential in the team. With an instant massaging app for communication, workmates can keep in touch

A virtual team manager who is reasonable for managing remote teams always explore ideas to impart team spirit and also believe in his team, which intensifies the communication among them. Otherwise, the leaders can find it difficult to develop a relationship and cultivate group cooperation.


You as a team leader, you can discover the potential of every member of your team through virtual collaboration. Also with an instant text massaging app for communication, workmates can keep in touch with one another anytime during the day.

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